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"For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace." ~ Romans 6:14

Meditation: I find it disturbing to see how people can so easily give in to sin. Such things should not be. According to Romans 6:14, sin shall not have dominion over us; it cannot tell us how to live. God set us free from the bondage of sin by giving us the gift of grace, but it is up to us to take ownership of the gift that has been given. Are you feeling like sin in your life is more powerful than you? Rebuke the enemy, accept the gift of grace, and walk in the authority of God that comes along with the gift.

Prayer: Gracious God, our Father, we bless Your name. We honor You for being God; for you, alone, are God. And because You are God, because You have released us from the law and given us grace, there is no sin that we cannot overcome. Please cancel every thought that would make us believe that we are slaves to sin. We thank You, and it is in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. AMEN.

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