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Deacon Robert “Bobby” Washington was born in Buffalo, New York to George and Mamie Washington. Robert was both disciplined and spoiled by his mother and twin sisters, Johnnie and Mamie. He was the ring bearer in his sisters’ double wedding. His sisters were both designers and made most of his suits, shirts and other clothing. Robert was listed in his High School Senior Class Yearbook as both “Best Looking” and “Best Dressed".

After attending college and while working at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, the call was made to Robert from the U. S. Government for him to join the military. He answered and served his country in Thailand during the Vietnam War. He recalls the bombs dropping all around him.

After eleven years of being married to Grace Roberta Cartwright, Robert moved his family to Georgia. He still is convinced today that it was one of the best decisions he made for his family.

Robert not only remains the guiding force in the Washington household, but he has been very supportive in his wife’s ministry as well. While in the previous ministry, he formed a choir with only two members, including himself. And without ever giving up, this two-member choir was the seed to growth, harvesting three choirs, the Male Chorus, Youth and Combined Choirs. His service to God continued throughout his wife’s ministry, and he serves today as President of the Executive Board and Chairperson of the Retirees Ministry, a member of the Love Life Combined Choir, the Johnnie Robinson Male Chorus, the Spirit of Praise Ensemble, and serves on the Love Life Center, Inc. Board. He played Pontias Pilate in the early years of the Passion Play.

He is one who loves life and lives life. He is affectionately teased as being the oldest member of the Christian Youth Connection, where he can always be found participating in their activities.

Robert plays a major role in the beautification and upkeep of the church. He is always eager to step in at any time to assist his wife, who is also his pastor. He is most appreciative that her call has never interfered with her duties as wife.

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