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Grace_C_WashingtonBrethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  Romans 10:1, 14-15

A Zeal for the People to be Saved

Anointed preacher, impactful teacher, spirit-filled psalmist and visionary leader are only a few descriptives that characterize the dynamic vessel of God who is known to many as Pastor Grace C. Washington. For more than 39 years, she has served the body of Christ and the community at large as a preacher of the Gospel. Twenty-seven of those years have been spent serving in the capacity of senior pastor. Pastor Washington has been bountifully endowed with a light. “And my task,” she says, “is to let it shine in this world of darkness by preaching and teaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

A spirit-filled and committed woman of God, Pastor Washington has led many followers to the everlasting throne of grace and salvation through Christ Jesus. Her first pastoral achievement came in a main-line denominational church, serving for more than 11 years, reviving the failing church of 8 members to a strong congregation of over 500. Because of her dedication and steadfast commitment, Pastor Washington was ordained an Elder in June 1995.

As a dedicated shepherd, Pastor Washington stepped out on faith to obey the call of God to minister independently, subsequently initiating the birth of Love Life Christian Fellowship Church, which holds the theme, “Building a Community to Impact the World” close to its heart. In addition to her role as Love Life’s leader, Pastor Washington is also the CEO of Love Life Center, Inc., the church’s nonprofit arm that extends its reach further into the community.

A Preacher Sent From God

Pastor Washington was born in West Palm Beach, Florida to the late John and Rutha Cartwright. As the youngest of five siblings, John Garfield, Cynthia, Sandra and Jimmy would all attest to the fact that their youngest sister was a very caring, generous, loving and compassionate person, even at a very early age. She could often be found sitting among older adults soaking up their elderly wisdom.

Pastor Washington is fortunate to have a loving family who is very supportive of her work in ministry. The devoted wife and mother has been married to her husband, Deacon Robert Washington, for 48 years. They are the proud parents of two daughters, Mrs. Joseph (Divika) Hall, Jr. and Mrs. Darrell K. (Angela) Finney. They are also the proud grandparents of Travian Robert Hall, Jazmyn Myrtice Finney, Jordyn Denise Finney and Brandyn Joseph Hall.

One Who Has Studied to Show Herself Approved

Pastor Washington's higher educational studies began at the International Tabulating Institute in Washington D.C. After moving to Georgia, she attended DeKalb College and Georgia State University. Furthering her biblical and theological knowledge, she attended Word of Faith Bible College and later received a Master of Divinity in Missiology and Evangelism from Gammon Theological Seminary of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in 1993. She has received academic honors as one of the Nation's Top Students and consecutive listings on the National Dean's List. Her studies were greatly strengthened by her trip abroad to China to study Christian Church and also a pilgrimage tour of the Holy Land where she preached in Bethelehem.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Pastor Washington founded the Grace C. Washington Institute to teach, train and/or retrain persons in biblical, theological and ethical procedures and methods of Christian Education. The Institute, an entity of Love Life Center, Inc., also provides training for clergy and laypersons in leadership and evangelism. She teaches an extensive course designed for meeting the requirements for License and Ordination for Love Life Christian Fellowship Ministers and Elders. Further, Pastor Washington has conducted seminars in various states and has led crusades in the Virgin Islands. On a trip to Soweto, South Africa in February 2006, Pastor Washington happily served as God's missionary by distributing personal items and toys in Soweto. And, in 2014, Pastor Washington led a group of 11 missionaries on a trip to Ghana, West Africa wherein she preached a revival, led a Pastor's Conference as well as visited orphanages and provided medial supplies.

Because of her expertise in the area of ministry, Pastor Washington was selected to serve as a mentor in the Faith Journey: Partnership in Parish Ministry Formation. The Faith Journey Program, whose partners are the Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta University Center faculty, Youth Hope Builders Academy, local congregations, denominations, judicatories and selected agencies, was founded to foster the vision of congregational ministry of youth and adults of African descent and their movement toward ministry preparation and vocation. And her sermon, "The Dawning of a New Day," which was preached in honor of President Barack Obama's inauguration, has been selected for inclusion in the American Folklife Center's Inauguration 2009 Sermons and Orations Project.

Pastor Washington's experiences include Evangelism, Mission, Christian Counseling, Children's Ministry, and Human Services. She extends a broad outreach in teaching Women's Ministries and Marriage Ministries. She is author of three books relating to marriage: "Conquering the Giants of Discontentment in Marriage with 5 Smooth Stones," "Oil for a Squeaky Marriage," and "10 Building Blocks for Marriage."

Pastor Washington has served as a member of the Advisory Council on Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse for DeKalb County Board of Health, as well as in several civic auxiliaries. Additionally, Pastor Washington is a supporter of the DeKalb County Police Alliance and she recently offered her support to the art of theatrics by serving as Co-Executive Producer of the stage play, "The Amen Corner."


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